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This archive goes back to June 2010. For information on earlier editions, please contact [email protected].

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December 2015

In this issue: Making bold choices; bringing a brother home; scenes of Christmas; and more!

November 2015

In this issue: A meeting of bishops; Moravian Open Door; a spirit-filled girls’ weekend, and more!

October 2015

In this issue: Christian Education, Discerning Mission at FIT First, Movement for Peace Moravian, and more!

September 2015

In this issue: Commemorating Jan Hus 2015, Southern Province Conversations, Spiritual Formation, Healthy Congregations and more!

July/August 2015

In this issue: The Moravian Women’s Conference, Moravian Theological Seminary Commencement, Emerging Ministries, and more!

June 2015

In this issue: Moravians in Nepal; Who Was John Hus? Schoenbrunn and Zeisberger; Southern Moravians in the Civil War; Moravian Leadership Network; and more!

May 2015

In this issue: A growing ministry in Peru; sheltering the homeless; seeking peace in the Middle East; plus our annual Special Feature on Moravian Camping Ministries.

April 2015

In this issue: Moravians in Minnesota, training leaders in Alaska, the Unity Committee on Theology, plus the Board of World Mission 2014 Annual Report

March 2015

In this issue: Christ’s Community Church heeds God’s call to feed children; commemorating John Hus; Easter Sunrise service; worldwide missions and more!

January/February 2015

In this issue: Returning to Sierra Leone, studying Moravian doctrine, uncovering the FIrst Moravian House, missions and youth, and more!

December 2014

In this issue: The Adamson Forum, growing up Moravian in the former East Germany, A Year in Nepal, an 18th Century Christmas and more!

November 2014

In this issue: Maintaining the Unity in a diverse world; Moravian Youth stand tall; Blessings in Tanzania; Ecumenical efforts; and more!


October 2014

In this issue: $100 million for more ministry; selling a church to enhance a ministry; the making of the Daily Texts; Mt. Morris celebrates 50 years; congregational happenings; and more!


September 2014

In this issue: Moravian Youth in Cuba, the E-mail Band, From Wisconsin to Nicaragua and more!


July/August 2014

Coverage from the 2014 Northern Province Synod, Moravian Theological Seminary graduates, thoughts on capital campaigns and more!


June 2014

Coverage from the 2014 Southern Province Synod, a small church with big results, and more!

May 2014

This issue includes our annual Camping Ministries Special Feature, along with news from the Southern Province 2014 Synod, Coffee and Community in Canada, and more!

April 2014

This issue includes the Board of World Mission Annual Report, plus stories of full communion, industrious Moravians and more!


March 2014

This issue features a special section on The Unity Women’s Desk, along with stories of Moravians making a difference around the world!

January/February 2014

In this issue: Understanding the Essentials, a preview of the 2014 Northern Province Synod, the Polly Heckewelder doll and more!

December 2013

In this issue: the story behind the Beeswax Candle, Christmas in Alaska, celebrating a 400-year-old Bible and more!

November 2013

This issue features ideas for a 21st-century Choir System, preparations for the 2014 Southern Province Synod, travelling with the Unity Heritage Tour, and more!

October 2013

This month’s issue features stories on community outreach, visiting Moravians in Alaska, learning from missions, the Moravian Daily Texts, and more!

September 2013

This month’s issue features articles on the 24th Moravian Music Festival, Youth Convo 2013, ecumenical celebrations and more!


August 2013

In this issue: Moravian music around the world; Moravian Seminary commencement; bringing ministers together; Staten Island “thanks”; and more


June/July 2013

In this issue, we feature Moravian Missions, the Latino Ministries Conference and a special section: the Moravian Board of World Mission Annual Report.


May 2013

In this issue, we feature our annual round-up of Moravian Camping Ministries in North America, plus stories of Moravian youth in action and more!


April 2013

In this issue: Studying theology at Lay Seminary; reaching inactives; coordinating full communion; and more!

March 2013

In this issue, we feature a Lenten reflection, the weekly Moravian connection, events for youth ministry, Moravians in mission and more!


January/February 2013

This month’s issue features stories of faith resources, Moravian travels, music and art, youth in action and much more!


December 2012

In this issue: A clothing distribution helps hundreds in Staten Island; crafting for ministry; congregational milestones and much more!

November 2012

In this issue: we feature 25 years of Moravian Open Door, using the Daily Texts, ministry to older adults and more!


October 2012

In this issue: Historic Bethabara, remembering Andy Griffith, visiting the Board of Coorperative Ministries and more!


September 2012

In this issue we feature the Eastern District Synod of 2012, Moravian Music, milestone celebrations, Congregational outreach and more!


July/August 2012

In this issue we feature the commencement at Moravian Theological Seminary, the Southern Province Intersynodal Gathering, the Canadian District Synod, and more!


June 2012

In this issue we feature the Western District Synod, Guidelines for Biblical Interpretation, the third annual Environmental Stewardship Conference and more!

May 2012

In this issue: Moravian Camping Minstry; Latino Ministries Conference addresses expanding minstry; A Moravian and Muslim answer an Imam’s request; and more!

April 2012

In this month’s issue: Interpreting scripture through painting, Moravians in mission, Easter traditions, the Moravian Covenant for Christian Living and more!

March 2012

In this issue: Preview of 2012 Synods and Gatherings; Efforts to support Star Mountain Rehabilitation Center in the West Bank; “Bring Your Own Bible;” and more!

January/February 2012

In this issue: Moravians in Tanzania, Celebrating 70 Years of Camp VanEs, A Restored Moravian Art Treasure, and more!

December 2011

In this month’s issue: A new look for the Moravian Seminary; history of Moravian stars and beeswax candles; spiritual formation; and more!

November 2011

In this month’s issue, read about the Moravian Festival in Winston-Salem, mission efforts in Peru, Moravian music and traditions, The Hinge and more!

October 2011

This month’s issue: Bishops meet for discussion and prayer; Stewardship for adults and children; Antioch Servants learn while helping; and more!

September 2011

In this issue: Moravian Women meet from around the world, Moravian music in Labrador, Eastern District Conference and more!

July/August 2011

This month’s issue features the graduating class of Moravian Theological Seminary, congregation and mission successes, a letter from the Northern and Southern Province PECs and much more!

June 2011

In the June issue of The Moravian, we feature stories from Moravians in the British Province, cover the Adamson Innovation Forum, learn about Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Daily Texts, and more!

May 2011

In this month’s issue of The Moravian, we visit with church camps, share stories of Moravian church organs, discuss the stigma of HIV/AIDS and more!

April 2011

The April issue of The Moravian Magazine features the Moravian-Episcopal Full Communion celebration, Mississippi Mission stories, news from our congregations and more!

March 2011

In our March 2011 issue, we feature the Young Adult Convo to the Holy Land, an exciting find at the Moravian Archives, big results from a small congregation in Fargo, N.D., and more!

January/February 2011

In this issue, Moravians visit Nepal and the Caribbean, celebrating the consecration of a Moravian bishop, rally with Moravian Youth in New Jersey, and more!

December 2010

In this issue: Moravian intentional communities and ministries, Moravian traditions, churches open and close, and more!

November 2010

In this issue: Special Feature on the Southern Province Synod 2010

October 2010

In this issue, learn all about the Moravian Daily Texts, answer the question, “Who Are Moravians,” congregations in mission, and more!

September 2010

In this issue: The 2010 Northern Province Synod

July/August 2010

Special Feature: Moravian Educational Institutions