Create in Me: Sharing perspectives on worship and liturgy


In 2018, Create in Me features in The Moravian shared perspectives on worship and liturgy that we hope you found interesting, inspiring, and helpful to you as you engage in worship.

While many of our churches support world missions and disaster relief, and many more of them are engaged in a variety of local ministries, virtually all our congregations meet regularly for worship. Styles and schedules may vary. Locations and liturgies differ. But that we place considerable emphasis on gathering to hear and celebrate the given Word of God and to receive and celebrate the Holy Sacraments is characteristic not just of Moravians but of Christians in general. With that in mind, Create in Me is a growing conversation about what we feel is a vital experience and expression of the Christian life.

While we will continue highlighting examples and experiments in shaping worship through the pages of The Moravian, we are also bringing the conversation to a new space: the world of podcasting! For those new to podcasts, they are typically recorded interviews made available as digital audio files that you can download and listen to on your computer or mobile device. As of this writing you can find, listen and subscribe to the Create In Me podcast through Apple Podcasts or Anchor. You can also follow createinmeworship on Instagram for alerts on new podcast episodes and thoughtful questions about the art at the heart of worship.

We are convinced that the Spirit is moving through the Church in new and unexpected ways; calling us to face the changes and challenges of the day with courage and imagination. Historically, one way the Moravian Church has responded to this call is through creative new resources for worship: music, liturgies, prayers, visual arts, crafts, etc. It is our hope to draw attention to many of these new resources being created and to share space for a dynamic conversation about the role of worship in our lives.

We invite you to continue submitting articles, songs, artwork of your creation that contribute to your experience and participation in worship. If you would like to join us on a podcast, we’d love to hear your ideas about that, too!

In the creation of the podcast, we reached out to our friends, David Melby-Gibbons and Rachel Marie, to create a theme song for us. Using a song written by David they worked together across the country to produce this tune. We think it speaks for itself and wanted to share it with you! (Download here (PDF))

To share your work with the Create in Me team, e-mail 
[email protected].

To find the Create in Me podcast, a conversation about worship, creativity, and the art at the heart of how we experience God and share that experience with others, visit or in iTunes.

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The Rev. Rebecca Craver is pastor of Edmonton Moravian Church in Alberta, Canada.