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Leadership Focus 2019

Saturday, February 23, 2019 | 9:00 a.m. to 2:15 p.m.

Calvary Moravian Church, Winston-Salem, NC

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Building Christian Community in the 21st Century

Being the church in the twenty-first century calls us to new challenges and demands greater commitment and understanding of our faith and action. This year, we’ll explore ways we as Moravian Christians can truly “be neighbor” in our local communities and the world. How can Moravians serve as neighbors in ways that enrich our spiritual lives, congregational lives, and mission in the world? What does being missional really look like today? What is God calling us to do or be in the 21st century? A day of learning and fellowship, Leadership Focus provides education, training, and discussion opportunities for Southern Province Moravians. Join us for an engaging opening presentation by Terrance Hawkins.

Who is My Neighbor(hood)?: Getting Right with God & Neighbor

If your church disappeared from the neighborhood that it’s situated in would anyone notice? Would it negatively alter the spiritual & social “ecosystem” of the community? Too many churches have lost touch with the people & places that surround them. In light of this reality, Christian leaders must help their churches reclaim a holistic vision of our central call: “love God & neighbor.”

Keynote Speaker: Terrance Hawkins

Terrance Hawkins is a husband & father of 4 beautiful children. A native of Winston-Salem, he has served the local church & his city the last 15 years through pastoral ministry, peace & justice activism, intercultural community building, youth development, & the arts. He is the founder/director of Lit City (a youth development initiative) & currently serves as the Co-Executive Director for the School of Love, a division of Love Out Loud, striving to grow the church in its love for God and its neighbors.

Morning Workshops

  • Being Neighbor Online
    • In order to adapt and thrive in the 21st century, congregations are challenged to build an authentic online presence that connects them to both members and others. We’ll share strategies, tools, and ideas to help your church on the path to authentic communication, and help assess how your congregation can be a good online neighbor. Mike Riess, Executive Director, Interprovincial Board of Communication, and Hanna Jackson, Board of Cooperative Ministries.
  • Best Practices for Board Members 
    • This workshop engages first-time and “seasoned” members of church boards in learning and group discussion about “best practices” for meetings, decision-making, board leadership, and communication. Rev. David Guthrie, President, Provincial Elders Conference.
  • Connecting Home, Church, and Community
    • Faith formation takes place all along one’s life journey and home and church work play a critical role in that growth. How do we use what we learn to live in community with our neighbors?   In this workshop, we will explore resources available to your congregation and your families that can help you do just that. Several Moravians will talk about programs and ministries that work for their faith communities in making vital connections among family, church, and neighbor. There may also be a few more surprises!  Beth Hayes , director of Congregational Ministries and Resources, BCM; Paula Hall, Director of Christian Education, King Moravian Church; Tripp May, Jeannie May, Tammy Bass, and June Edwards, Trinity Moravian Church.
  • Exploring the Neighborhood
    • Join Brother Hawkins as he takes a deeper dive into some of the topics and concepts that he first introduces in his keynote address earlier in the day.  Let’s explore what it really means to love God and neighbor. Terrance Hawkins, Co-Executive Director for the School of Love, Love Out Loud.
  • Who is My Prójimo?
    • During this workshop, participants will learn about our Hispanic neighbors in Forsyth County, where we see the Hispanic community growing rapidly. Do you know how to reach out to them? Are Moravians presenting Faith, Love, and Hope to our prójimo? Let’s explore together. The Rev. Angelica Regalado, Estamos Unidos Moravian Ministry.

Afternoon Workshops

  • Church in the Neighborhood: A New Twist on Congregational Outreach
    • With so many congregations mired in survival mentality, draining us of passion and energy, it is often a challenge to shift our focus to missional, life-giving endeavors. Attendees will explore ways in which congregations can shift to innovative, incarnational, local ministry that can lead us forward in faith, love, and hope. The Rt. Rev. Lane Sapp, Pastor, Calvary Moravian Church; Amanda Schumpert, Director of Music and Christian Education at Calvary Moravian Church; and the Rev Rusty Rushing, Pastor, Peace Church Charlotte.
  • Love That Knows No Bounds
    • Jesus changed everything. No one had made so clear before what it means to “love” as God intended.  He changed the mindset of the “chosen people “to love beyond the boundaries of Israel so as to truly fulfill the Covenant of Abraham and take the Good News to the whole world.  This could have not succeeded without the life changing “love” of Jesus who said without boundaries or exceptions “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” Now how do we do that?  That is the question we will explore as we encounter His simple but profound teaching! The Rt. Rev. Tom Shelton, Bishop of the Worldwide Unity.
  • Mission with Our Neighbors
    • We often think of mission as going out and being a good neighbor for our neighbors in need – in other words, mission to our neighbors. That’s part of the story, but in this workshop we will explore ways in which we can be in mission with our neighbors, and we will learn some valuable “mission lessons” from several neighbors from around the world. The Rt. Rev. Sam Gray, Director of Mission Outreach, Board of World Mission.
  • Vision, Direction, Purpose: Conversations with PEC
    • Come participate in an informal conversation with members of the Provincial Elders Conference, who, recently developed a draft purpose statement: “The mission of the Province is to equip Moravian Christians and their congregations to be agents of God’s transforming love in the world. We do this through spiritual growth, community, and mission.” What does it look like to live this statement out in congregations? In the world? Come to share and listen as we explore ways that together, we can follow Jesus with faith, love, and hope today. Rev. David Guthrie, President, PEC, and members of the Provincial Elders Conference.
  • Waking Up White: What White Moravians Need to Know
    • In her book, Waking up White, Debby Irving talks about what white people don’t know about race in America. In our workshop, we will explore what white Moravians need to think about as we navigate a complicated and increasingly multicultural world. The Rt. Rev. Carol Foltz and members of the Moravian Team for Reconciliation.


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