What is The Spotlight Blog? 

This site is a friendly place to have conversations about how, as Christian Moravians, to live in faith, love, and hope. Here, our goal is to explore how to better reflect our faith in today’s world, both as individuals and as a part of our congregational families.

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We would love to know about the things you are learning and using in your ministry. Your reviews can help others who are looking for ideas and inspiration, as well as, share new authors and perspectives. As disciples of Jesus we are all on a journey of faith with many teachers and friend travelers along the way.

Would you like to write for the Spotlight Resource Review? Click here to find our submission guidelines.

The blog, published and coordinated by the Moravian Commission on Congregational Development, is almost entirely led by a wonderful community of volunteer writers. A number of these writers may have not even met each other. But together, we share the identity of recognizing that our Lamb has conquered and that we shall follow him.

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