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Working Groups and Teams

Working groups and teams give you and opportunity to join in the work of the Commission on Congregational Development. To figure out which group or team might be a good place to get started answer these questions.

  • Where do your passions and interests lie as it relates to the mission of CCD?
  • What gifts, talents, and experience do you bring to the work of a group or team as we head toward the future together?
  • Who else should we bring to the table to help carry out our vision?

We would love to hear from you!  If you are interested in hearing more specifics about a working group please fill out this form

Our teams include Moravians from all across the Province. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic some of our teams have changed. Where do your interests lie?

Current Teams:

  • Advocacy and Justice Action Team
    Mission/Purpose: To help build awareness and share opportunities for action on issues of Justice within congregations. Connect with various justice focused ministries, organizations and groups to support and share information throughout the province. Interest form Convener: Rev. Suzanne Miller
  • Aging Well Team
    Mission/Purpose: To help congregations provide meaningful programing and resources for their older adult members.  Plan older adult retreat and fall rally. Convener: Pam Prevatte/Marsha Grubbs.
  • Children, Family, and Youth Team
    Mission/Purpose: To celebrate and encourage children and youth in the life of our church and support faith communities as we fulfill the promise of baptism for our Moravian families.
  • Mental and Brain Health Team
    Mission: To provide education and advocacy for congregations and RCCs in order to support those experiencing a mental health problem or crisis. Conveners: Peggy Dodson/Sue Bennett/Judy Johnson
  • Tech Team
    Mission/Purpose: To help congregations with technological solutions that will meet the needs of the congregational goals and training needs. Convener: Rev. Rebecca Craver (interim)
  • Young Adult Ministry Team
    Mission: To serve as a resource to enhance the young adult ministry in our congregations. How are congregations ministering to their young adults? How are our congregations not ministering to the needs of young adults? What can be done?


Past Teams:

  • Adaptive Leadership Group
    The group serves as support for clergy, educators, and lay leaders, and provides a space for discussion about adaptive change, leadership, and the changing nature of church.
  • Adventures in Ministry (AIM)
    A space for clergy and educators to offer support for each other and share best practices for ministry at the congregational level.
  • Creative Arts Team
    Mission: To encourage creative activity (drama, music) as a ministry, both provincially and in local congregations. To coordinate opportunities for musical and dramatic performances.
  • Environmental Stewardship Task Force
    Mission/Purpose: To find ways to connect Moravians with resources related to care for creation, including an annual event, presentations to congregations and other opportunities as they arise. Anyone with a love for nature, working with youth and stewardship is welcome! Convener: Greg Keener.
  • Friends of the Resource Center
    Mission: To support the ministry of the Resource Center. The Friends of the Resource Center committee meets four times a year usually in late afternoon with the first hour spent working in the Center to tidy up and then the second hour to talk about ways we can promote the Center, market the center, etc.
  • Living the Essentials Resource Team
    Mission: To design creative strategies that engage and inspire individuals, lay and clergy leaders, small groups, congregations, regional conferences, and provincial organizations. Listen to and learn from others, explore possibilities, and compile and develop diverse resources to help Moravians live the essentials.
  • Small Group Ministry Team
    Mission: To develop, support, promote, and educate members about small group ministry opportunities, including the Gemeinschaft and Living Faith models.