Bible Studies

I say “Bible Study” and you say “???

Are you, like so many others, curious about what we mean we talk about Bible study?

Do you have a singular image in your mind about what it means to study the bible? Do you see yourself in that image or do you find it hard to imagine studying the bible like that?

Over the years I have been surprised by the number of people I have met in the church who seem to put some distance between themselves and bible study. It isn’t that they aren’t interested in the Bible. Usually they are very interested but are afraid of doing it wrong.

The CCD staff would like to share a variety of Bible Study options: curriculum, programs, and simple practices of study.

No matter what way of Bible study fits best with your life right now, reading and studying the Bible is a foundational and important part of following in the Way of Jesus. As members of the Moravian Church we uphold the words of The Ground of the Unity that states, “The Triune God as revealed in the Holy Scripture of the Old and New Testaments is the only source of our life and salvation; and this Scripture is the sole standard of the doctrine and faith of the Unitas Fratrum and therefore shapes our life.”

As we deepen our faith through Biblical study we are more able to live out the transformative love of God in the world!

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Adult Bible Studies

Reading the Bible

Bible study curriculum are great resources, but you can also learn a lot from simply setting aside...

Covenant Bible Study

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Disciple Bible Studies

  The “original series” of Disciple Bible Studies from Abingdon Press has been around for decades...

Bethel Bible Series

  This series has been taught over the years in Moravian congregations and is still a solid...