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Mission Camp M-Staff in their own words | Interview with Laurel Ridge M-Staff

“I think it’s very important that kids these days have those camp experiences, and I love being a part of that.” -Timothy

“I’ve always looked up to the M-Staff, always they thought they were the coolest ever, and so I wanted to give kids the same feeling that I had when I was a camper.” -Catie

We asked three returning M-Staffers and four first-year M-Staffers at Laurel Ridge about what drew them to volunteer for Mission Camp in 2023 and what they love most about their work.

Thanks to Timothy Dobson (2nd year, UNC-Chapel Hill, Home Moravian), Emma Eggers (2nd year, Appalachian State University, New Philadelphia), Christopher Stirewalt (3rd year, Western Carolina, Home/Hope Moravian), Catie Osbourne (Western Carolina, Mountain Laurel), James Smith (Appalachian State University, Ecumenical/Non-Moravian), Ashleigh Larson (Appalachian State University, Olivet), and Elizabeth Gunter (Clemson, Friedberg (Program Assistant)) for sharing their thoughts!

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