Social Media For Churches

Rev. Rebecca Craver, Executive Director of the Moravian CCD, hosts Rev. Suzanne Parker Miller, Executive Director of Pastors for NC Children, to discuss what churches can do to optimize their social media presence to connect with and build a positive community for Christ’s work in the world. This includes an overview of the Google Suite, various Social Media platforms, accessibility optimization, and more!

Note that this video is from September of 2022 and some of the information discussed may have changed.

Time stamps for specific content:

03:33 Gmail

08:30 Social media overview (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, TikTok)

16:20 Canva

17:51 Using images

19:22 QR Codes and LinkTree

28:17 Digital newsletters

29:24 Content & content strategies

33:50 Consent & Accessibility

38:15 Other resources (Hootsuite, Unsplash, etc.)