Moravian Mission Coffee

Moravian Mission Coffee makes it possible for you to support Moravians around the world… just by drinking your morning cup of joe! 12 oz. bags of Moravian Mission Coffee are now available. Our first roast is a medium roast sourced out of Uganda.

About the mission: Each bag purchased enables the Board of World Mission to provide more Mission Grant funding to our partners around the world. Mission Grants are a great way for the Board of World Mission to address specific needs and ministries as they are identified by our partners.

About the coffee: The first roast we are offering is a medium roast out of Uganda, which is available in 12 oz. bags of whole beans or grounds. As Moravian Mission Coffee expands, we will offer a wider variety of roasts. To make this project possible, we are partnering with Lutheran World Relief’s Farmers Market Coffee. Lutheran World Relief (LWR) sources their coffee directly from coffee farmers participating in LWR projects. They are committed to paying their farmers a living wage so that they can lift themselves out of poverty and become self-sufficient and better able to support their families.

Order ground coffee or whole beans today and change lives!

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