Prayer Requests

Thank you for your support of the work of the Board of World Mission. We are grateful for your consistent generosity and desire to give of your time, energy, and financial resources, but direct financial support opportunities are not currently available for the varied and complex situations listed below. Please instead include our partners in your prayers and share their stories with others who wish to know about our work. You may also consider a gift to the Board of World Mission’s general fund (, which allows us to respond to emerging needs when opportunities for financial support arise.

Ukrainian Family Sponsored by Friedberg Moravian Church —  A Ukrainian family living in Kernersville, North Carolina, was in a very serious car wreck on June 9th. Dema and Slava, the parents, have been admitted to Atrium Health Baptist Hospital. Miraculously, Stephan and Mark, the children, were uninjured. As of June 11th, Dema and Slava have shown some improvement and Stephan and Mark are well and in good hands. “We truly believe God is working a miracle. Thanks to all who are praying and please continue to pray!”

House Fire in Paptalaya, Honduras — In April, mourners were gathered at a wake for a woman who recently died of cervical cancer. During the gathering, the house caught fire and several people were very seriously burned. Two children passed away, including the 7-year-old son of the woman who had died of cancer. Moravians in North America have contributed funding to build a new home for the family that lost theirs in the fire. As of early June, construction has begun.

War in the Middle East (Star Mountain Rehabilitation Center) — Since the most recent escalation of violence in Israel and Palestine, the Board of World Mission continues to stay in touch with our partners at Star Mountain Rehabilitation Center in Ramallah, Palestine, a Moravian ministry that does amazing work with children and adults living with developmental disabilities. You can find updates on Star Mountain here:

God of love and God of peace, we lift up to you this day the people of Israel and Palestine as some of its towns and cities have become war zones.  We pray for families who have lost loved ones, we pray for those who have been injured, and we pray for those who care for the wounded.  We pray most especially for the leaders who make the decisions that affect so many people. We pray for our friends at the Star Mountain Rehabilitation Center in Ramallah, Palestine.  May they be kept safe and out of harm’s way.  We pray for peace to come. Come, Lord Jesus, come to bring warring parties together in dialogue so that innocent lives can be saved, and order restored.  In the name of the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ we pray. Amen. 

Ukraine — Our siblings in Kyiv have continued to be dedicated to their schooling throughout all of the changing circumstances of the war. Blackouts and regular missile attacks continue. As of early June, they finished their school year and continue to learn together and support each other.

Indigenous Land Seizures (Nicaragua and Honduras) — Indigenous Mayangna communities in Nicaragua are experiencing increased threats from colonists who are burning villages, killing and wounding residents, and seizing land that they wish to use for cattle farming and mining. The loss of traditional indigenous lands and the rights associated with those holdings is not confined to Nicaragua, nor are these issues limited to Moravians. Mískito communities in Honduras have become increasingly concerned over loss of traditional indigenous territory. Please pray for the Mayangna and Mískito people, many of whom live like refugees even in their own ancestral lands. Pray especially for the community of Wilu, Nicaragua where five people were killed in March of 2023 and others were forced to flee, leaving behind everything, including supplies of food and seeds that they typically rely on for planting at that time of year.

New Work (Brazil and Bolivia) — Last year, the first official Moravian delegation traveled to Brazil and Bolivia to share in conversation and discernment about what it would mean to be welcomed into the Worldwide Unity of the Moravian Church. After positive visits in each area, both were designated prospective mission areas by the 2023 Unity Synod. Please pray for discernment, wisdom, and grace as leaders in both areas and in the Moravian Unity explore these new possibilities.

Board of World Mission Prayer Days

In addition to the specific prayer requests listed above, the Board of World Mission invites you to prayer for our partner areas on their designated Days of Prayer. On each partner’s prayer day, you will find specific prayer requests from them in the stories linked at the bottom of this page.

1st Thursday in February (Feb. 8th, 2024): Star Mountain Rehabilitation Center in Ramallah, Palestine

3rd Thursday in February (Feb. 22nd, 2024): Moravian ministries in Rajpur, India

1st Thursday in March (Mar. 7th, 2024): Moravian Church in Tanzania, Northern Province

3rd Thursday in March (Mar. 21st, 2024): Moravian Church in Brazil

1st Thursday in April (Apr. 4th, 2024): Moravian Church in Labrador

3rd Thursday in April (Apr. 18th, 2024): Moravian Church in Cuba

1st Thursday in May (May 2nd, 2024): Moravian Church in Sierra Leone

3rd Thursday in May (May 16th, 2024): The Ahuas Clinic in Honduras

1st Thursday in June (Jun. 6th, 2024): Moravian ministries in Nepal

3rd Thursday in June (Jun. 20th, 2024): Moravian Church in Bolivia

1st Thursday in August (Aug. 1st, 2024): Moravian Church in Honduras, Unity Province

3rd Thursday in August (Aug. 15th, 2024): Moravian Church in Peru

1st Thursday in September (Sep. 5th, 2024): Moravian Church in Costa Rica

3rd Thursday in September (Sep. 19th, 2024): Moravian Church in Tanzania, Western Province

1st Thursday in October (Oct. 3rd, 2024): Moravian Church in Nicaragua

3rd Thursday in October (Oct. 17th, 2024): Moravian Church in Honduras, Mission Province