Prayer Requests

Thank you for your support of the work of the Board of World Mission. We are grateful for your consistent generosity and desire to give of your time, energy, and financial resources, but direct financial support opportunities are not currently available for the varied and complex situations listed below. Please instead include our partners in your prayers and share their stories with others who wish to know about our work. You may also consider a gift to the Board of World Mission’s general fund (, which allows us to respond to emerging needs when opportunities for financial support arise.

Indigenous Land Seizures (Nicaragua and Honduras) — Indigenous Mayangna communities in Nicaragua are experiencing increased threats from colonists who are burning villages, killing and wounding residents, and seizing land that they wish to use for cattle farming and mining. The loss of traditional indigenous lands and the rights associated with those holdings is not confined to Nicaragua, nor are these issues limited to Moravians. Mískito communities in Honduras have become increasingly concerned over loss of traditional indigenous territory. Please pray for the Mayangna and Mískito people, many of whom live like refugees even in their own ancestral lands. Pray especially for the community of Wilu, Nicaragua where five people were killed in March of 2023 and others were forced to flee, leaving behind everything, including supplies of food and seeds that they typically rely on for planting at this time of year.

Fuel Shortage (Cuba) — Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Cuba, who are concerned about their country’s current fuel shortage and the impact that it might have on their work, especially their upcoming summer camping ministry.

Flooding (Peru) — Our brothers and sisters in Peru have been affected over the last several months by extreme rains and flooding. This has caused concerns related to public health and housing and has impacted the work of the church, especially when ministries require travel from one part of the country to another.

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