Brazil Engagement Pray

March 21, 2024: Day of Prayer for the Moravian Church in Brazil

The third Thursday in March is the Board of World Mission’s day of prayer for the Moravian Church in Brazil, which is a Prospective Mission Area of the Worldwide Moravian Unity. Conversation with siblings in Brazil began in 2020 when Brother Mauricio Melo reached out to the BWM with questions about the Moravian Church. Br. Melo and his wife Jucineide joined other Spanish-speaking partners at our 2022 Moravian Resources Conference in Panama and they have continued to gather with other Central and South American Moravians in a weekly bible study led over Zoom by Br. Will Cuthbert of Costa Rica. In 2023, Unity Synod approved Brazil as a Prospective Mission Area.

Throughout this time, they have been meeting with a group of people to worship, share about the Moravian Church, host women’s events, offer baptisms, hold ecumenical gatherings, and do evangelism. They began weekly worship services in 2022 with a group of 17 people; attendance is now often more than 50. During each service they have a time of prayer for Brazil, for Moravians around the world, for missionaries, and for individual prayer requests. We look forward to continuing to see how God works through this growing ministry.

The prayer requests from our siblings in Brazil are as follows. Please pray for:

  • the political leadership in Brazil and political conflict.
  • growth and unity in the Brazilian Moravian Church.
  • a church building.
  • advances in missionary work in Brazil.
  • the new Moravian Church that is currently forming.