However, in order to truly make an impact and grow ministries around the world, the BWM counts on generous and committed donors to expand our capacity. Consider a donation to one of the categories below… and if possible, use our secure online system to make it an automatically recurring gift!

We offer you the following opportunities to donate to the Board of World Mission:

Mission Grants — Mission Grants are made available to partners on an application basis. The BWM works with partners to help shape projects, then invest resources where we have the ability to partner and see a project through to completion.  The goal of these efforts is to develop and support local leadership as they design, implement, and evaluate these programs. Previously funded grants have provided advanced education scholarships, invested in small business start ups and expansion, and a variety of other local initiatives to strengthen communities and increase economic prosperity.

If you are looking to financially support an area of the BWM’s work, we highly suggest a gift towards “Mission Grants” to allow us to meet our goal of expanding this program and funding more tangible, life-changing programs!

 — a donation here allows the Board the greatest flexibility to insure that particular initiatives in need of funding to expand, will receive it.

Moravian Disaster Response — A donation here insures that the BWM can respond effectively to disasters nationally and internationally, especially where these disasters occur within the Unity.

Ahuas Clinic – a donation to the clinic supports the staff of doctors and nurses to provide medical care to the people of La Mosquitia in Honduras. Programs range from preventative health (infant feeding program) to emergency surgeries and pre-natal care.

New Work – These are the newest Moravian Churches that the BWM is working to support in their grown and development. Currently these include the Mission Areas of Peru & Sierra Leone, and the Mission Province of Cuba. You can make a gift generally to this area of our work, or designate a specific place using the memo box on the donation page.

We also have many other programs you can donate to directly, which include, but are not limited to: Adopt-a-VillageAntioch ProjectMission Engagement, Mission Outreach

Click on the link for any of these programs to learn more!

Planned Giving

Do you care about mission work?  We hope you care about the work of the Board of World Mission, so much that you would like for us to continue to minister, serve, develop, and thrive for generations into the future.

Funding future ministry by making planned gifts is a critical part of sustainable stewardship.  Gift planning involves thought and consideration ahead of time that, in turn, makes a difference now and in the future.  We hope you will consider making such a gift to us.  For more information or help with a planned gift, please call Chris Spaugh of the Moravian Ministries Foundation at 888-722-7923 or visit the website

If you wish mail in your donations, please send them to our Bethlehem office:

Board of World Mission
1021 Center Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018

Canadian Churches may send donations to the following address in order to receive full tax credit for your donation and they will be sent along to the BWM:
Moravian Church in Canada
600 Acadia Drive SE
Calgary, AB T2J 0B8

*Please note that for Canadian and other non-U.S. based donors, the BWM is not able to provide an acknowledgement letter for tax purpose outside of the U.S. While donations from outside the U.S. can be made via our secure giving platform, they are not able to be acknowledged with a tax receipt.

In the memo line and any attached correspondence please clearly indicate whether you wish that your donation be designated to a specific program. We also greatly appreciate general donations which help us to be flexible and respond where need is greatest.

Thank you for your generosity in helping the Board of World Mission to be better able to serve your efforts to engage in God’s mission!