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March 7th, 2024: Day of Prayer for Moravian Church in Northern Tanzania

The first Thursday in March is the Board of World Mission’s day of prayer for the Moravian Church in Northern Tanzania (MCNT). MCNT is our newest global partner, having signed a covenant with their provincial leadership almost exactly one year ago, in March 2023. As of 2021, MCNT had 26 Congregations, 8 outstations, 34 ordained ministers, and a total membership of 5,482. They held their most recent Provincial Synod in November of 2023.

The prayer requests from MCNT are as follows:
  • Pray for prosperity of our partnership between Moravian Church in Tanzania Northern Province and the BWM.
  • Pray for growth for 26 new evangelical centres for which the province is struggling to purchase land, and construction of houses to use for worship.
  • Pray for families who were affected by the disaster of heavy rain that triggered flooding and landslide causing deaths and leaving many families in poverty and suffering at the end of 2023.
  • Pray for reliable fund-generating investment projects.
  • Pray for church ministers to overcome economic challenges in their service.
  • Pray for God’s intervention as we start afresh to plan and prepare ourselves for the next election of a bishop in northern province.
  • Pray for consistent good relationship between Moravian Church in Tanzania Northern Province and government of the United Republic of Tanzania as we continue evangelising in our area.
  • Pray for the local government election this year 2024 in our country, which also will be the basis of next year’s 2025 general election in Tanzania.