There is a passion for mission service in our young people, 18 years of age and older.Antioch began as a vision in 2005, and gained momentum at a Youth in Mission Summit held in September 2006.  It evolved from the following realities:

  • The Northern and Southern Province Synods of the Moravian Church affirmed this passion and charged the BWM to create a structure that enabled young people to participate in mission.  Antioch was born.  Interested persons partner with the Board of World Mission to serve in a mission experience.

God is now leading Antioch in a new direction.  As energy and awareness has grown through young adult involvement, people beyond that age group are responding to God’s call and are serving through Antioch.   If you are younger than 18 and feel called to serve, we encourage you to discuss opportunities with your family, person(s) within your faith community, a teacher, or a representative of a local agency.  You can also contact us at Antioch and we can work with you to identify someone that will be able to assist you.

BWM/Antioch Partnership: How it Works!  

  1. An invitation is extended to the BWM/Antioch by a ministry partner (For a list of our ministry partners, please check the Serve Tab) to receive an Antioch servant.
  2.  A potential servant submits their contact information by using the form on the bottom of this page. The information is received and acknowledged by the Antioch Director, Jill Kolodziej . Antioch documents are sent and prepared by potential servant.
  3.   An interview is conducted. The potential servant considers the placement. A document establishing a working agreement between the BWM/Antioch and the servant is drafted, discussed, and signed.
  4.  Spiritual/theological, cross-cultural, and logistical orientation and training are arranged for the servant by the Antioch director.
  5.  The servant partners with one’s home congregation and others who support them during their preparation and service.
  6.  Communication is maintained through a variety of means throughout one’s service.
  7.  A debrief of the servant’s experience is conducted and opportunities to share the servant’s story are arranged.











For more information please contact:

Jill Kolodziej, Director of Mission Service
Phone: 920-256-9472
Email: [email protected]