Module 3: Spiritual & Biblical Foundation

Take a few minutes to write out your answers to the SHEETS sheet individually. After you are done, share your answers with your team and discuss the following three questions:

What or whom does God want me to be?
What does God want to do in me and through me?
Where do I need to be in order for that to happen?

Spiritual Formation

  • Say a little bit about your Christian walk and witness.  How has God been working in you and through you? What can you say about your relationship with Jesus Christ?  

Home Experience

  • Talk about some ways that God has been working through you in your local congregation.  What are some gifts that the Spirit has given you and how have you been able to use them for the building up of Christ’s church?


  • List some opportunities that you may have had to be involved with or exposed to other cultures.  Have you had the privilege of interacting with folks from different cultures? What did you learn about them (and about yourself) from these experiences?  Have you taken part in any short-term “mission trips” or other mission experiences?


  • Where are you in your academic preparation and studies?  Say a little about courses you may have taken that have prepared you (or sparked an interest in you) for cross-cultural serving experiences.  List any degrees, diplomas, etc.


  • What types of training in language, culture, specific skills, etc. have you had that would be helpful for your cross-cultural ministry?  Have you had any field experience, internships, etc. that have helped to prepare you? What kinds of training and further experience might you need?


  • Have you had the opportunity to serve in a longer-range setting (more than one month in a cross-cultural experience)?  Have you been involved in any on-going ministries of the church through your congregation or a mission sending agency? How have these experiences helped to prepare you and guide you in terms of understanding what God wants to do in you and through you?


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