Module 5: Community Roles

A make-it or break-it factor for any group activity is team chemistry. Realize that the people in your mission team will be with you for the entire trip. It is important to be honest with one another about your emotions and skills relating to the trip. In your journal, answer the following questions:


What are my strengths and how can I use them? 

What are my weaknesses and how can I overcome them?

Do I have any strengths that are someone else’s weakness?

Do I have any weaknesses that are someone else’s strength?

As a group, make a list of tasks that you think are relevant to your mission experience. Individually, label the tasks as “I have never done this but would love to learn,” “I have done this and feel okay about doing it with a little help,” or “I can teach others how to do this.” There is a template below to help you get started.


After you are finished, compare your skills to the rest of your team. This should give you a better idea of who is comfortable doing which tasks.


I have never done this but would love to learn

I have done this and feel okay about doing it with a little help

I can teach others how to do this

Outdoor painting (like a building)


Indoor painting (like a wall or room)


Using a hammer


Leading or teaching songs


Washing windows


Cleaning a kitchen


Speaking in a worship service


Cleaning a bathroom


Serving food on a serving line


Washing and preparing fruits or vegetables (using a paring knife)


Washing dishes by hand


Using measuring cups to follow a recipe


Doing math to multiple a recipe


Making and packing sandwiches and other lunch foods


Pulling weeds, raking, and other light yard work


Using a shovel and wheelbarrow


Trimming bushes


Picking up garbage to clean up an outdoor area


Measuring with a tape measure


Playing with small groups of young children


Organizing games for young children


Using a staple gun


Sharing your faith story with a group


Sharing your personal story with someone


Using a washing machine and dryer to do laundry


Doing math to determine unit prices when grocery shopping for the group


Leading prayer


Leading a discussion of the Daily Text


Listening to someone’s problems


Praying one-on-one with someone


Offering counsel or guidance to someone who requests it


Setting a table for meals


Leading meal prayers


Being a good listener to someone who is homesick or lonely


Using power tools like a drill or saw


Carrying heavy items as a team


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