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Summer Fun Towards a Focused Fall: Want to plug in?

Summer is often the time of planning and preparation for Fall programming and serves as a jumping off point for new initiatives and work. The same is true for your Commission on

Congregational Development (CCD). We want to know where you would like to plug in!

What’s new? Our work will not be possible without volunteers who will share the needs, passions and work of our congregations. We are just starting to put together working groups and teams that will focus on particular aspects of our purpose driven work.

Why it matters-The CCD wants to cultivate space and opportunities for congregations to explore and grow skills that will help them to flourish in their particular contexts. We need you: your ideas, your hopes, and your perspective to help all congregations in our province.

Let us know where you have passion and skills in this interest form as we begin forming and building existing teams for the Fall and beyond.


CCD Update:

As the CCD accompanies congregations with resources, support and opportunities for growth we hope to fulfill our role in the province to live out the MCSP purpose, to equip Moravian Christians and congregations to be agents of God’s transforming love in the world. We will do this by providing resources for spiritual growth, community, and mission.

In our first two meetings as a Commission, we have reflected on our purpose, considered ideas for ways to most effectively direct our efforts towards the stated needs of congregations, and to look ahead to the future for what needs may present themselves. We are focused on supporting congregations, lay leaders, and pastors with tools for faith formation, discernment, vision, missional engagement, advocacy, etc. Our shared ministry is enhanced by each individual and congregation that engages in the groups, events and projects.  Please do not hesitate to let us know what you need and how we can best work with you!

We are starting this work with

  • Working groups and teams
    • help build networks for collaboration
    • provide opportunities for leadership
    • be a platform for resource sharing and development
    • there will be a mixture of long and short term participation based on individual projects and interest.
  • Congregational Accompaniment
    • Congregational consultation with Director of Congregational Development, Rev. Rebecca Craver
    • Facilitation of asset mapping, board development, discernment processes, skill building workshops, etc.
    • Working to find resources to help congregations meet specific goals and needs in their communities
  • Learning Opportunities
  • Sharing Resources

If you have any questions feel free to call our office or email us at [email protected]!