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Share Our Stories: Andy Starr

This blog post is part of a series recounting the trips of volunteers to the clinic in Ahuas, Honduras.

Hello, my name is Andrew Starr and I am the chair of the Ahuas committee within the Moravian Board of World Mission. My relationship with the Ahuas clinic started in 2005 when I first met Rick Nelson. After meeting Rick, he was convinced that I needed to experience Ahuas and to take a mission trip there. Well, after more than a decade, his persistence exceeded and I took my first trip in the spring of 2018. It was a great experience on so many levels, the work was great- even though I think I broke more things than I actually fixed. The people are amazing but most of all the spirit of the clinic in the village really touched me. After that trip, I asked how I could assist further and about the same time Rick decided he was going to retire. Well, we are all still wondering if Rick will retire, and we also hope that he never does. In the meantime, the Board of World Mission decided to create a committee to help assist the clinic in fundraising and other financial aspects and I was asked to chair it. I happily agreed and have taken several other trips there since that time. Ahuas is an extremely poor place in regards to money but is very rich in spirit. Being in Ahuas gives you the ability to feel God’s love without the filters of the everyday hurry and commotion that we feel in America. The staff at the hospital are amazing and the work that they do is nothing short of miraculous. Helping with the infant feeding program will really open your eyes to the extent of the poverty that exists in this world and hopefully will make you want to give to this important part of the clinic. I strongly encourage anyone that wants to serve God in a different way and in a different place to join a team and to visit the clinic to do mission work. It’ll certainly give you a new perspective and also give you many great memories of the fantastic work done there and the amazing people. We would love to send you more information about the clinic in Ahuas and you can email me anytime at [email protected] You can also give to the clinic by clicking the give button on the Moravian Board of World Mission website and choose Ahuas. God bless