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Share Our Stories: Barbara Nelson

This blog post is part of a series recounting the trips of volunteers to the clinic in Ahuas, Honduras.

I lived in Honduras for 10 years with Rick and our 3 children starting in 1985. I painted this Moravian seal, in the Miskito language, on the wall of the operating room in the 1990s. I went back a couple of years ago with a work crew and repainted the seal. The last time I went to Ahuas was a year ago to help a dental crew with translating. Every mission trip that I have gone on to Honduras has been rewarding. Helping people less fortunate than us by working side by side with old friends and new friends. We have known so many of the clinic employees for the last 30 years of Rick and I doing mission work in Ahuas. It has been like going home to visit family and friends. We provided meals for many years to hundreds of work crews and new friends that came to Ahuas. Everyone should have to go on a mission trip to meet other Christians who live in a totally different culture, with a different language, to understand that there are good people of every race and every culture.

Barbara Nelson