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December 2013 Trip Report from Peru

I had asked the pastors in Chiclayo to meet with Jirina and plan out her time for the next few weeks. (Jirina Cancikova is currently serving in Peru as an Antioch Servant until February 2014). Last night I received this report from Pastor Christopher Valencia Alcantara (pastor of the new Rhemanente Moravian Congregation in Chiclayo, that will have its opening service this Saturday – some of the municipal authorities will attend the service and there will be lots of music, etc.).  Here is what he reports:

Dear Servant, I want to communicate to you that we met with Pastor Walter, his wife, and Jirina, and agreed to the following:

Jirina will help us this week with evangelism and outreach in the Urbanizacion Latina neighborhood of Chiclayo and will be with us on Saturday for our inaugural Service of Celebration.  Next week she will help Walter in Cruz de la Esperanza, Chiclayo.  Jirina will spend Christmas with Teresa and her family (owners of the restaurant where she is staying) and also be with them for New Years.

Starting in January she will alternate each week between the two ministries.  Her presence is very important, especially due to the idiosyncrasies present in this culture (he is referring to the way people would receive her when she knocks on the door since she is from another country – kind of her ticket in the door, so to speak).  Today we were evangelizing from house to house and doing personal evangelism.  We had a total of 5 conversions and 6 people who expressed interest and openness to visits from us.  We will send you photos of the service on Saturday.

Greetings to all!

Sam Gray

Director of Intercultural Ministries and Communication

Board of World Mission of the Moravian Church in North America