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Havana, Cuba Hit by Tornado.

A tornado has ripped through portions of Havana, Cuba. Here is the initial communication that we are receiving from church leaders in the Moravian Church there.

The Board of World Mission has received information from Bishop Armando Rusindo of the Moravian Church in Cuba with news of the damage caused by a tornado that has affected portions of Havana.

Here is his initial communication:

What has happened in Havana is truly very dramatic and painful.

There is a high level of destruction in the homes of many Havana families and in public institutions and private businesses. This has impacted services such as electricity, transportation, telephone and others and, above all, the loss of three lives and the 172 injured, some probably in a critical state. That area of ​​the capital and all Cubans have been plunged into a bleak panorama. It was an experience never before lived in Cuba where the few tornadoes that have hit us have been of very low category and very little destructive power. But this is estimated to have been a fourth or fifth category with gusts of wind up to 300 km/hour. We feel really sad about this situation, it is heartrending to see the images on the television. I just led a time of prayer here in the Council of Churches for this situation and the Emergency Committee was activated.
I do not have information on whether there is a Moravian in that area who might have suffered damage to their family or property. If I receive any information, I will send it immediately.

A hug and blessings,

As we await further information, please the hold residents of Havana in your prayers as they deal with the loss of life, injuries to bodies, and major damage to properties and infrastructure.  Pray for first responders who are seeking to bring emergency aid to those in need. Pray also for church leaders such as Bishop Armando as they seek to mobilize the church to be the body of Christ in the midst of this crisis.

When more information becomes available, we will pass it along to Moravians in North America.