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2019 Update on the Moravian Church in Peru

At the time of the 2019 National Conference in Peru, the breakdown of the Moravian Church is as follows: 

  • The Moravian Church in Lima:
    • 2 congregations
      • Rey de Gloria (Pastor Ana Maria)
      • Somos Uno (Pastor Manuel)
    • 3 house churches in San Juan de Lurigancho District
      • Mosha; Mangomarca; Zarate
  • The Moravian Church in Chiclayo:
    • 2 congregations
      • Rhemanente (Pastor Christopher)
      • Misión al Mundo, Cruz de la Esperanza (Pastor Walter)
    • 2 outreach ministries
      • Ciudad de Dios
      • Wilmer Fernandez Malca
    • Other ministries
      • Amazon outreach and church planting efforts by Brother Jose Carlos Nazario
      • Medical partnerships with Lambayeque Lions’ Club
  • The Moravian Church in Zaña
    • 1 congregation
      • Iglesia Morava El Admirable (Pastor Joaquín)
  • The Moravian Church in Bajo Canampa
    • About 20 congregations
      • Iglesia Morava de Canampa (principal congregation)
      • Iglesia de Cachi
      • Iglesia de Chapi
      • Iglesia de Datunsa
      • Iglesia de Zazá
      • Iglesia de Jumincus
      • and more


  • Leadership in Peru:
    • President – Pastor Fernando Joaquín Santa Cruz Muro
    • Vice President – Pastor Christopher Valencia Alcantara
    • Secretary – Pastor Brandon Lee Valencia Rivera
    • Treasurer – Lucero Carranza


Sustainability Projects

  • Moravian Mariachi Band in Chiclayo (Rhemanente)
  • Moravian Bubbles Laundromat in Lima (Somos Uno)
  • English Academy in Lima (Rey de Gloria)
  • Dairy products and basic food sales (Cruz de la Esperanza)
  • Chocolate factory (Rey de Gloria)


Other issues and challenges

  • Self-sustainability and leadership development
  • Development of requirements and guidelines for ordination and reception as leaders
  • Legal recognition and registration of the Moravian Church in Peru (in process)
  • Progress toward becoming a Mission Province
  • Meeting space for groups in Lima and Chiclayo


Teams that have traveled to Peru:

  • Friedberg team in 2012
  • Kernersville Moravian Church 2014
  • Western District teams in 2015 and 2016
  • Come & Worship / Christ in January 2017