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Share Your Mission Story: Congregational Retreat in Costa Rica by Chris Giesler

Bishop Chris Giesler leads a congregational retreat for youth and adults in Costa Rica.

In July of 2019, it was my honor to travel to Costa Rica to spend a week with our Moravian brothers and sisters in both San Jose and Limon. My specific responsibility was leading a weekend retreat for the congregations of the province.

Youth Attendees at the Retreat in Costa Rica

On Friday morning, the weekend began with about 50 children and youth gathering for a day of worship, singing, games, and programing at the Faith Moravian Church in Limon. The day ended with a dinner of grilled chicken, and then fun with glow-sticks.

Glow-stick eye glasses from which to see each other through the eyes of Jesus

On Saturday, the adults arrived for more programming under the theme “This Is Your Story.” This gave me a chance to review the incredible story of our Moravian Church and how each of them and their congregations are still a part of it. Each congregational group gathered in small groups to review their own story and find ways in which they can continue to be a light to their communities today.

Youth and Adult Retreat Participants at the Hotel Maribu Caribe

After our program closing program on Sunday morning, we all returned to Faith Moravian Church for a closing worship service, at which I was honored to preach. What a blessing it is to be welcomed into a Moravian community so far from my home, but yet where I always felt right at home.

The Rt. Rev. Chris Giesler with Sister Sandra Nicolas, one of the Assistant Pastors at Faith Moravian Church in Limon