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Share Our Stories: Tom Pinney

This blog post is part of a series recounting the trips of volunteers to the clinic in Ahuas, Honduras.


I had the honor and privilege to do a 3-week mission trip to Ahuas in 1988 under the guidance of Rick Nelson. We were a group of 7 from the Sturgeon Bay Moravian Church.

We worked on the generator, boat, making cement blocks for a new kitchen, hauling sand from the river, and transporting lumber for the boat from the site where had been hand ripped.

This in combination with being a delegate to Unity Synod 1981 behind the Iron Curtain in Herrnhut East Germany changed my perspective of life in this world forever.

With God’s creative gift of hearing, seeing, feeling, smelling, and tasting I had a deeper appreciation of “be thy soul Bethel”.  The moment God breathed the breath of life into my body he enfranchised my soul and with confidence entrusted it to me during my mortal life.

These first-hand experiences of poverty and oppression taught me that God invites me to share in the well- being of all his children. Help them to experience God in their culture and circumstances, not mine.

God has blessed me with a vivid pictorial recall of those special moments at times when I need to refocus to sense how blessed I really am. If I had a magic wand I would like sometimes to wave it over some of God’s Children and “beam them up” to a life-changing experience.

Tom Pinney