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Share Our Stories: Laurie James

This blog post is part of a series recounting the trips of volunteers to the clinic in Ahuas, Honduras.

New Era Reformed Church has had 2 teams travel to Ahuas. Traveling to Ahuas is at the very least, interesting and challenging. Travel required coordinating planes, vans hotels, and tractors. All of which would not have been possible without Rick Nelson coordinating all of this on the ground in Honduras.

During our visits to the Clinic, we worked on many projects. We replaced an exterior wall of the clinic. We demolished a patient building so the new lab could be built. We worked on the endless need for painting. We had crew members working in medical records and the Infant Feeding program. I believed that the project that we felt the most satisfaction from was the building of the chicken coop. This allows for chickens and eggs to be available for the clinic and the community.

Personally the most memorable and dearest to my heart would have to my ability to attend several births, spend some time in OR with Dr. Kenneth, and do an Inservice on the fetal monitor. My background as an OB nurse was warmed by the opportunity to experience this in Honduras. Even though we came as a work crew I was able to participate in the medical side of the clinic. Making my visits extra special.

Our visits to the clinic were very faith-building. From minute one, the decision to form a team, obtaining the approval, fundraising, logistics, unknown, this is all before we even left New Era. After arriving, the ability to do God’s work, feeling the Holy Spirit’s presence daily, building relationships, worshiping, every aspect of our trips. It was such a blessing to see members of the team grow in understanding, and acceptance of a culture different than their own. That the reason for being there was to serve God and love his people.

I would love to return. God willing that will happen.

Laurie James