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Blessings Flow Advent Calendar

This year, as the Board of World Mission is working with our partners to provide clean drinking water to five villages in La Moskitia, Honduras through our Blessings Flow project (click here to learn more), we have created an Advent calendar to encourage Moravians throughout the U.S. and Canada to allow their blessings to be a blessing to those without access to clean water.

Follow along with the calendar by downloading the printable version (click here) or have the daily prompts sent through email or text. Follow the Board of World Mission on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates there, too!

To receive daily email prompts:
Email [email protected] and include “Advent calendar” in the subject line.

To receive daily text prompts:
Text +1(920)495-8995 and include “Advent calendar” in the text.

Or click here to indicate your preferences for participation in the 2023 Advent calendar.