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June 23 Update from Sikonge

Bill and Peg Hoffman arrived in the village of Sikonge on June 18th, 2019. The journey from Bethlehem took three days and included a number of transportation difficulties, but the couple made it to Tanzania safely. They met with the Tabora Moravian Mamas to discuss the program and members of the community in need. The Hoffman’s brought greetings from Bethlehem to Mchg Kapella, the pastor of Skonge Moravian Church, Bishop Yona, and Rev Boytler.

After the exhaustion from traveling and perhaps food poisoning, Bill got very sick and spent a few days resting and recovering. Peg also showed similar symptoms, but not as severe. Bill was able to meet with Mama Kimwaga, Kefas, and Dr. Ruhamaya regarding the use of the hospital’s car and the orphan program. Another day was spent organizing the financials for Dr. Ruhamya and processing requests for funds. Bill and Peg attended church and made plans for how to spend the rest of their week.

You can read the full letter from Bill below.

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