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Alina Ricardo finds Joy in the World through Relationships


Hi, my name is Alina Ricardo, I am one of the Directors of The Board of World Mission.

As Christians, we’re called to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the world. I believe that when we’re involved in missions, whether we’re physically going somewhere or praying, or financially supporting missions, we’re helping to spread seeds of hope in Jesus and that brings joy to others and also to us.

For years I participated in Mission projects in my home church and community, then in 2016, I had the opportunity to travel to Cuba on a mission trip. I recall with great joy the warmth of the people that we met and was humbled by their generosity and their hospitality.

We went to a town called Santayana, where we were to install a water purification system, and were surprised by the embrace that we got there. We were fed and we were treated as family. Then our new friends wanted to work alongside us installing those water purification systems.

Being involved in world missions offers a joyful perspective through our relationships and our partnerships. There are people in other places where I have visited that have become friends and there’s others that I feel I know although we have never personally met. It’s a blessing to me to hear from them and a joy to know that especially during these times with covid and other world issues, they are thinking of us and they’re praying for us. This mutual caring relationship is very strong and thinking about it brings me joy.