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2023 National Conference of the Moravian Church in Peru

The Moravian Church in Peru held their third National Conference in early August and elected new leadership. The Rev. Ana María Huamán Dávila will serve as president, Brother Andrew Chicchón Gutarra will serve as vice president, Rev. Joaquín Santa Cruz Muro will serve as secretary, Sister Lucero Carrasco Camacho will continue to serve as treasurer, and Rev. Walter Calle Peralta will also serve on the board.

Another highlight of the gathering was the signing of a new Covenant between the Moravian Church in Peru, the Board of World Mission, and the Northern Province of the Moravian Church in America as the mission area of Peru’s supervising province.

After the conference adjourned, Sister Ana María was ordained as a pastor of the Moravian Church in Peru, with the Rt. Rev. Sam Gray officiating.