Day of Service Engagement News

Moravian Day of Service 2023

The 2023 Moravian Day of Service is set for September 17. This celebratory day raises awareness of the importance of mission work in our Moravian faith, encourages congregations to think of new ways to make a difference in their communities, and demonstrates our desire to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world. For your congregation, this can be a day to celebrate the service that you do all year long and highlight ways more of your members can get involved. We also encourage you to plan a special service opportunity that might invite a sense of community engagement and excitement among your members.

On this Moravian Day of Service, the Board of World Mission invites your congregation to be part of our new Blessings Flow project, which provides clean water for families in La Mosquitia, Honduras, through the distribution of water filtration systems. Before the filters can be distributed in Honduras, they are purchased in the United States and assembled. This is where your congregation comes in! Filter assembly is a simple process and a meaningful project for Moravians of all ages. Your members will know that they have made a tangible difference in decreasing the prevalence of waterborne illness and that each filter they assemble will reach a family in need. Please contact Chris Giesler at [email protected] by September 5 to express interest and coordinate the shipping of filters to your congregation. We have sufficient supplies to do this with at least ten congregations.

We ask that your congregation help cover some of the cost of getting these filters where they need to be with a $500 donation to the Board of World Mission. Any contributions above and beyond $500 are greatly appreciated and will directly support the distribution of water filters in our partner areas, with every $50 providing clean water for one household for 10 or more years.