Adopt-A-Village News Outreach Tanzania

Adopt-A-Village Update 2020

THE MORAVIAN CHURCH OF WESTERN TANZANIA’S orphan care initiative is now in its twentieth year. Thirty-three “Moravian Mamas” provide these children with food, clothing, medical care and scholarships for those pursuing education beyond secondary school.

Adopt a Village, launched by the Board of World Mission in 2006, provides most of the financial support for these children. Due to significant decreases in contributions, no new orphans have been enrolled for the last two years. The number of participants has dropped to 2,800 from its zenith of 3,200 in 2017.

Forty-one sacks of maize, each weighing 70 pounds, were purchased and sent to the ten village orphan centers last May. The “Mamas” also distribute clothing donated by Moravian Academy. The new church in Mazinge, the sixteenth built since 2000, has been roofed. It is now fully functional and is used each Sunday. The small Sukuma congregation at Mwasavanga began roofing their new church last July with funding provided by the Society for the Promotion of the Gospel.

The sixteenth new well was completed last year at the village of Usipilo.

Fifteen new students joined the Special Needs School, which registers blind, deaf, or “slow learner” children. Total enrollment is now 96, fifteen of whom are albinos.

A two-year program at the Lusangi Bible School educates assistant pastors for the Moravian Church. Three students in each year are receiving total support from the Parker Scholarship Fund.

The Sikonge Moravian Church is continuing its evangelism of the Sukuma, many of whom have never heard the name of Jesus. A total of 38 adults and 47 children are attending services in the villages of Igulula and Mwasavanga each Sunday.

All of the above pro- grams and projects have been funded by churches or individuals from North America.