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Honduras Bible Institute Celebrates Graduation

On Sunday, March 14th the Honduras Unity Province celebrated a graduation ceremony for new pastors. Please read the update sent by Rev. Raby Becam, President of the Board of the Moravian Unity Province in Honduras. He has some inspiring words shared with the graduates as well. Photos of the celebration are added below.

The BWM helps support theological education and recently completed support of a scholarship for a pastor who will soon teach at the Moravian Bible Institute in Puerto Lempira, Honduras.

Receive my greeting may the Lord bless you.

Despite the situation of the pandemic, the Biblical Institute managed to graduate 11 pastors. 26 of them are still studying, 12 are freshmen and 14 are sophomores.

Also, on graduation day, 4 Presbyters who have reached the age of retirement were celebrated for their years of service.

The true meaning of the Christian life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit. Commit to the Creator whatever you do and your plans will be successful. The graduates kept the hope of walking confidently with the Lord to see the goal accomplished, today they seal that step with the love of God.

Glory and Honor be for God alone.

My sincere congratulations to all the graduates, may God guide you today and always every step of the way as he continues the journey of his life.

Rev. Raby Becam Boscat
President of the Provincial Board of Directors
Honduras Unity Province