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Flooding in Ahuas Continues to Bring Damage to the Community

For a few days last week, there were heavy rains in Honduras. The rains caused severe flooding again and the people in the Lower Patuca villages of Ahuas, Paptalaya and Krupunta saw the beans that had been planted with BWM/MDR help damaged. Villages further upriver — such as Waxma, Wawina, Bilalmuk, Wampu Sirpi, etc., are on higher ground and apparently, the floods did not affect them. We are reaching out to our contacts in the area this week to follow up on disaster relief and will hopefully find out more about other low-lying areas along the Kruta River and in the area around Laka.

We hope that some of the MDR funds already received can be used to purchase food and seeds for the victims of these latest floods.

Attached are photographs received from Galvis Nicho last week. They show well cleaning in Okumni, using equipment purchased with the Samaritan’s Purse grant, and food distribution in Klingka with MDR funds.