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Hurricane Relief in Honduras

Following Hurricanes Ian and Julia, Brother Rick Nelson has traveled from Wisconsin to Honduras to assist with hurricane relief efforts. Below you will find updates and photos from his trip. Hurricane Lisa has also affected the area since his arrival in Honduras.

Monday, October 31st, Update
Rick arrived in Progreso on Saturday afternoon and is managing plans for the arrival of donated containers of food from Feed the Hungry to La Mosquitia amidst delays due to issues with the Honduran government and Navy. Training for Feed the Hungry food preparation is also being arranged, as well as workshops on budget preparation and grant writing (as follow-up from the recent BWM Moravian Resources Conference in Panama).
In addition to the partnership with Feed the Hungry, Habitat for Humanity has expressed interest in working on home repairs and Mission Aviation Fellowship and Mission Aviation Group have expressed that they may be able to help with air transportation of relief supplies.

According to the National Hurricane Center, a tropical depression in the Eastern Caribbean will probably develop into a storm and then a Hurricane by the middle of this week.  Current projections have the storm moving parallel to Honduras’ North coast in a westerly/north westerly direction.  If it turns south and if it develops into a hurricane, all of the plans for food distribution, training, etc., will need to be reconsidered.  Please pray for the people of Honduras and Nicaragua so that if the fourth hurricane in two years does strike them, the damages will be limited.

Friday, November 4th Photos


Saturday, November 5th Photos


Wednesday, November 9th Update

The waters have receded and people are suffering from lack of food and absence of seeds to plant in December. Rick has spent time in meetings with provincial presidents and community leaders to discuss relief efforts. Feed the Hungry personnel have provided trainings on how to prepare the donated food. The food is scheduled to arrive tonight and they hope to have the same twenty people who were trained on food preparation unload the food shipment starting around 8:00am tomorrow.


Wednesday, November 9th Photos