Moravian Liturgies

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Below is a list of liturgies from the Moravian Book of Worship. Scroll to the bottom of the page for liturgies from Singing from the Heart and Sing to the Lord a New Song songbook as well as other resources.

Page Liturgy Word PDF
1 General Liturgy 1 with Church Litanies DOC PDF
10 Shorter Church Litany DOC PDF
13 General Liturgy 2 Reconciliation DOC PDF
31 General Liturgy 5 Grace DOC PDF
49 Advent and Palm Sunday DOC PDF
54 Advent 2 DOC PDF
59 Christmas DOC PDF
72 Lent 1 DOC PDF
78 Lent 2 DOC
82 Easter Morning DOC PDF
90 Easter DOC PDF
100 Trinity DOC PDF
105 All Saints DOC PDF
115 General Prayer of Intercession DOC PDF
117 Intercessions in Time of Crisis DOC PDF
119 Christian Homes DOC PDF
122 Christian Unity DOC PDF
143 New Year and Anniversaries DOC PDF
170 Confirmation and Affirmation of Baptism DOC PDF
183 Service for Holy Communion DOC PDF


Liturgies from Sing to the Lord A New Song and Singing From the Heart


Liturgies written by Moravians

In addition, here are liturgies written by the Rt. Rev. Kay Ward and the Rev. Rick Beck. We are grateful for their inspirational words and permission for their use by Moravian congregations.

Other resources and information

  • Consecration of a Bishop Bishop Consecration
  • Consecration of a Deacon Deacon Ordination
  • Consecration of a Presbyter Presbyter Consecration
  • Music for Lent 1 Liturgy, recorded at Home Moravian Church (.ZIP archive)
  • Lyric videos for Lent 1 Liturgy (.ZIP archive)
  • Palm Sunday Liturgy Powerpoint Presentation, shared by Calvary Moravian, Allentown, Pa. (PPTX)
  • Congregational Prayers for Moravians (Advent/Palm Sunday) (PDF)
  • Advent 1 Also available as presentation-ready slides in PowerPoint or PDF.
  • Advent 2 Also available as presentation-ready slides in PowerPoint or PDF.
  • Christmas Also available as presentation-ready slides in PowerPoint or PDF.
  • Service for Holy Communion in Celebration of the Chief Eldership of Jesus Christ (PDF) (PDF booklet) (Word)

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The IBOC has collected the CCLI and OneLicense numbers for many of the copyrighted hymns in the Moravian Book of Worship. Use this chart as a reference to determine if hymns are public domain, copyrighted and whether or not they are covered under one of the licenses. As always, be sure to double-check the copyright information at the bottom of each Book of Worship hymn you wish to use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to copyright restrictions, we are unable to post liturgies that contain copyrighted hymns or hymn texts. However, Moravian congregations with appropriate licenses to use these materials in online services may request electronic versions of liturgies from the 1995 Moravian Book of Worship, 2010 Singing From the Heart and 2013 Sing to the Lord a New Song songbook.  Contact Sue Kiefner at the IBOC at [email protected] with your request.