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A Reflection on the 2022 BWM Advent Calendar

During Advent 2022, Moravians throughout North America (and the world!) followed along with our Advent calendar, faithfully counting their blessings to be a blessing to others. We are grateful to Rev. David Merritt for sharing this reflection on his experience:

In the waning days of December we have been busy. Between emergencies, some hospitalizations and surgery, our lives have been saturated with many challenges. But Covid was not on the list of suspected problems. Yet, Covid came our way and changed our plans altogether…keeping us inside for almost 10 days and counting.

The very nature of the word disease reminds us that like all diseases, a virus like Covid is not expected. It is a disruption of our daily lives and puts other priorities on hold. We will get together later in the month as a family but our many traditions and customs surrounding the Christmas Season have been changed. So even in the midst of all these challenges, God still speaks to us. This year God has spoken in the form of the BWM Advent Calendar.

Each day we have been encouraged to think about the many blessings that we have been given in our lives and those whose access to what we would consider necessities is limited. Each day we look to God’s Word to see the impact it has upon our lives and each day we thank God for such things as: light bulbs, technology, transportation, food, shelter, health care and even shoes for our feet.

When we as a family have been challenged, we could turn to others who would help us in our need. The Advent Devotional was a daily reminder of how others in our world of mission have limited opportunities. So even with Covid, our vaccinations and our access to health care has allowed us to face that challenge with the assurance that we would be supported and cared for in these cold days of December.

And like last year we have been blessed again to count our many blessings and support the work of Education through the Moravian Board of World Mission. Years ago, the Director of the BWM told me that I would one day be a missionary. Little did I know then that for the past two years, I have been a daily “missionary” of sorts by contributing to the Advent Calendar Fund and by supporting our church during Advent.

And like last year, I have found a certain peace and a connection with those in my Moravian World who I have never met but call my Sisters and Brothers in Christ. With each spare coin or hidden change in the sofa or in the cup holder in our car, I am reminded of how many blessings our family has enjoyed even in these challenging times. May the God of Peace, who showed us Love in sending the Christ Child abide with you during Christmas and Epiphany 2023.

If you were similarly blessed through the BWM Advent calendar, we invite you to join Brother Merritt in contributing to the BWM Education Fund at You can also find the 2022 Advent calendar here:

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