Pray Sierra Leone

May 2, 2024: Day of Prayer for the Moravian Church in Sierra Leone

The first Thursday in May is the Board of World Mission’s Day of Prayer for the Moravian Church in Sierra Leone. The Sierra Leone Moravian Mission Area emerged as the result of the work of Mohamed and Safiatu Braima, who were originally from Sierra Leone but had lived in the United States for about 30 years and were members of the Little Church on the Lane in Charlotte, NC. In the early 1980s, the BWM had explored the possibility of ministry in Sierra Leone, but discovered that many other churches were already ministering and growing in the area. In the 1990s, after ten years of tragic war, that situation changed drastically. Refugees returned to their homeland to discover that church buildings had been destroyed and mission agencies had been forced to leave.  The Braimas knew that the time was right to live out the vision that God had given them for their country. Moravian ministry began with a library, a mission house, a church building and, later, a high school in the town of Luawa Yiehun in the Ngiehun district of Sierra Leone. The work of the Moravian Church in Sierra Leone continues with the support of the BWM and Little Church on the Lane, especially through the education ministries of the Moravian Secondary School, which is extremely well-regarded in the region and has grown to have an enrollment of over 600 students. Prayer requests from our siblings in Christ in Sierra Leone are below.

We praise God for:

  1. the financial resources he has provided and continues to provide for this ministry.
  2. giving Safie the wisdom and strength to lead the work in Sierra Leone.
  3. the respect that Safie has in the villages.
  4. pastors and leaders of the individual churches.

We ask for:

  1. godly leaders to come alongside Safie to be trained.
  2. the spiritual growth of the individual churches: Giehun, Morfidor, Mbaoma, Kaihalun, Yandehun.
  3. Safie to experience good physical health.
  4. future leadership training materials to be distributed and studied by church pastors and leaders.
  5. godly vision for the future of the Sierra Leone Church.
  6. blessings on an upcoming leadership training which begins this month – that leaders will participate and the Lord will be revealed.
  7. strength and comfort as a new drug called Kush has infiltrated Sierra Leone and the village, killing young men and women. It is a combination of cannabis, fentanyl, tramadol, and formaldehyde and is killing about 12 people per week in Sierra Leone and hospitalizing thousands.
  8. the expansion of information technology in this region to ease the burdens of communication and open more channels for leadership nurturing, solid Christian education, and Kingdom building.