Bringing Together Worship Resources for Lent and Easter


UPDATED 3/24/21

Added Hosanna Anthem recording from the Board of World Mission;  Liturgy for Palm Sunday presentation; added hymns 359, 360, 361, 364, 371, 373, 381, 386; Music for the Easter Morning Liturgy; additional lyric videos for selected hymns; and information on Readings for Holy Week resources available to Moravian congregations

These resources are for use by Moravian congregations in developing and sharing worship services during Lent.

Lenten Liturgies

From the 1995 Moravian Book of Worship

  • Liturgy for Lent (1) (PDF) (Word)
    • Music for Lent 1 Liturgy, recorded at Home Moravian Church (.ZIP archive)
    • Lyric videos for Lent 1 Liturgy (.ZIP archive)
  • Liturgy for Lent (2) (Word) Note: Due to copyright restrictions, this Word file does not include the text to copyrighted hymns. Those with appropriate CCLI or OneLicense licenses can e-mail [email protected] and we will send you the appropriate files.  Music for this liturgy is also available by request from Sue.


Additional Liturgies

  • Congregational Prayers For Moravian Worship: 9. Lent (from Singing from the Heart: A Shorter Moravian Hymnal and Liturgies) (PDF) (Word)
  • A Liturgy for Lent 1 (Word) by the Rt. Rev. Kay Ward
    • Music for this Liturgy: 1. Just As I Am (762) MP3; 2. Thou, Lord, Didst Once… (R484) MP3; 3. By Thy Reconciling Love (672) MP3. (1, 3 recorded by Beth Rohn-Habhegger and Seth Habhegger; 2 recorded at Central Moravian Church)
  • A Liturgy for Lent 2 (Word) by the Rev. Rick Beck
  • Reflections on Psalm 51 (Word) by the Rev. Rick Beck


The Moravian Music Foundation is currently recording public domain Lenten and Holy Week hymns for use by congregations. These recordings will feature organ and vocalists for use in virtual and in-person services.  For a more complete list of available hymns, click here.

Hymn # Hymn Title MP3 PDF DOC Lyric Video
326 How Good Lord to be Here MP3
328 What Wondrous Love Is This MP3 DOC
334 Christ, the Life of All the Living MP3 DOC MP4
335 When Jesus Wept MP3 DOC MP4
340 For Our Transgressions You Were Wounded MP3 DOC MP4
341 Lord, Who Throughout These Forty Days MP3
342 All Glory, Laud and Honor MP3 PDF DOC MP4
345 O Sacred Head, Now Wounded MP3 DOC MP4
348 O Lord, Who Through This Holy Week MP3 DOC MP4
350 When I Survey the Wondrous Cross MP3 DOC MP4
351 O Dearest Jesus, What Law MP3 DOC
354 Were You There (arrangement © Brian Henkelmann; permission granted) MP3 DOC
359 Christ the Lord Is Ris’n Today MP3
360 Christ the Lord Is Ris’n Again MP3
361 The Strife is O’er (solo) MP3 PDF DOC MP4
361 The Strife is O’er (choir) MP3 DOC
364 Sing Alleluia, Christ Does Live MP3
371 Hail the Day that Sees Him Rise MP3
372 Rejoice the Lord is King MP3 PDF DOC MP4
373 Alleluia! Sing to Jesus MP3
380 Holy, Holy, Holy MP3
383 Praise to the Father MP3 PDF DOC MP4
386 Holy God, We Praise Your Name MP3
490 Spirit of God, Who Dwells MP3

Performances ©2021, IBOC/MMF. Moravian Congregations have permission to use these recordings for in-person and streaming services.

Hymns in purple were recorded at Central Moravian Church, with Becky Lepore, organ and David Charrier, vocalist.  Hymns in yellow were recorded at College Hill Moravian Church.  Lyric videos created by Matt Spies, First Moravian Church of Dover/Board of World Mission.

The Hosanna, compiled by the Board of World Mission:

Download the Hosanna video here.


Slide Backgrounds

Looking for just the right background for your online service slides?  We’ve created a collection of slide background images ideal for PowerPoint or Keynote presentations used in online worship services for your use! Moravian congregations are free to use these backgrounds for their in-church or online services. They are designed to provide space for text in black or dark grey type.  Access them here.



Moravian congregations may use these images for communicating and sharing opportunities during Lent.  To use, select the photo you’re interested in, right click and select “Save Image As.” Photos by Mike Riess, IBOC and Andrew David Cox, BCM.  Photos are free to use under Creative Commons license. Please credit “Moravian Church in America”


Readings for Holy Week

In 2020, a group of Moravians from across the Northern and Southern Provinces recorded special virtual Readings for Holy Week services. Those services can be viewed here.

For 2022, many congregations will be holding their own virtual Readings for Holy Week services. The IBOC has resources available by request to assist Moravian churches in the Northern and Southern Provinces with these services:

  • Music – Moravian congregations who purchase a physical copy of the Readings for Holy Week Audio Edition from the IBOC will have permission to use the recordings of the public domain hymns contained within it for their 2021 online services.  Note that six of the hymns within Readings for Holy Week require a OneLicense license to stream. Contact Mike Riess for MP3s of the Holy Week files.
  • RFHW Lyric slides – We are now completing Powerpoint and Keynote slides that include the texts to the Readings for Holy Week hymns which can be used in in-worship and streaming services.  These are now available by contacting the IBOC (see below).
  • Special Distribution Edition of Readings for Holy Week – in 2020, we created a special distribution edition of the Readings for Holy Week, designed for limited distribution to those attending/tuning in to virtual Readings services.  We have updated this for 2022 and can provide congregations with this PDF file for direct distribution to their members this year only.  You might also consider finding ways to safely distribute your church’s physical copies of the Readings books for members to use at home.

Due to copyright restrictions, we cannot post these materials publicly. If you are interested in accessing and using any of these, please contact either Mike Riess mike(at) or Sue Kiefner sue(at) in the IBOC.

To purchase a copy of the Readings for Holy Week Audio Edition, visit or contact Jill Bruckart at 610.867.7566, ext. 38 or at [email protected].  Special discounts are also available on printed editions of Readings for Holy Week.


Liturgies for Palm Sunday and Easter

  • Liturgy for Advent and Palm Sunday (PDF) (Word)
    • Palm Sunday Liturgy Powerpoint Presentation, shared by Calvary Moravian, Allentown, Pa. (PPTX)
  • Congregational Prayers for Moravians (Advent/Palm Sunday) (PDF)
  • Liturgy for Easter Morning (PDF) (Word) (See below for music files)
  • Liturgy for Easter (PDF) (Word) (See below for music files)


Hymns and Liturgical Music for Palm Sunday

These materials from various sources provide musical resources for Palm Sunday.  For liturgies, click here.

(*) Thanks to College Hill Moravian Church, Bethlehem, Pa.

Hymns and Liturgical Music for Easter

We are grateful to the Moravian Music Foundation and Home Moravian Church in Winston-Salem, N.C. for music recordings for the Easter Morning Liturgy. These hymns were recorded in February and March, 2021.  Recordings ©2021, MMF/IBOC.

  • (MBW, pg. 82) Hail, All Hail Victorious Lord (MP3)
  • (MBW, p. 84) The Spirit and the Church (MP3)
  • (MBW, p. 86) Lord Your Body Ne’er Forsake (MP3)
  • (MBW, p 87) The Graves of All His Saints (MP3)
  • (MBW, p. 88) Who Are These in Bright Array (MP3)
  • (MBW, p. 89) I Give You Thanks Unfeigned (MP3)


We are grateful to Schoeneck Moravian Church in Nazareth, Pennsylvania and their music director, Ryan Morrow, for their recordings of the music contained in the Easter Liturgy.  These recordings are from their CD “Sing Hallelujah!” which features hymns and more from throughout the church year.  Please consider purchasing a copy of this CD when you have an opportunity, as it will help fund the music program at Schoeneck!

  • (MBW, pg. 90) The Day of Resurrection (MP3)
  • (MBW, pg. 91) Christians, Dismiss Your Fears (MP3)
  • (MBW, pg. 93) Alleluia! Alleluia (MP3)
  • (MBW, pg. 94) Sing Hallelujah, Praise the Lord! (MP3)